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Ryan Kidd

Dear Neighbours,

Many people I talk to in Don Valley East are concerned about the job market, high taxes, government waste, the decline of the family, and violent crime by repeat offenders.

This election I want to offer a realistic agenda for government reform which reflects efficiency and justice. In parallel I'm calling on every citizen to act responsibly and with compassion as we embrace change for the better.

This is a critical point in our nation's history. Government needs to get back to doing its job well, leaving us to do our jobs well.

We need to rejuvenate the economy with lower taxes and less bureaucratic regulation. We must defend right to life for the unborn. We must defend marriage as one man and one women for the sake of our children. We must defend the weak from violent crime while implementing effective deterrents for those who would prey on the innocent.

As a nation we have fumbled these issues over the past few decades. And we as citizens haven't held our elected representatives accountable. We must advocate reforms now, clearly and boldly before it's too late.

On October 10th choose freedom, responsibility and compassion. Vote for Ryan Kidd for Don Valley East

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