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Same-Sex Marriage

Date: SEP-02-03
Posted: SEP-02-03
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I am committed to using the notwithstanding clause to protect the institution of marriage in Ontario from "same-sex marriage" whether imposed by the courts or the federal government.

Marriage must remain the union of one man and one woman to the exlusion of all others. Marriage was created in heaven. It holds deep religious significance. Regardless of the attempt to highjack the institution, real marriage will always be the union of one man and one woman who have promised each other a life-long monogamous sexual relationship.

Homosexual activists are content with nothing less than the blessing of the state, and silencing all rational discourse which would offer medical, social, or moral criticisms of homosexuality. Read more about the threats against Marriage and religious freedom (Bill C-250) here

The public square and especially children must be protected from the advance of a radical homosexual agenda seeking public approval for same-gender "sex". I fully support enforcing existing criminal law which protects the public square from public nudity. I pledge to oppose all funding of public sex displays on the streets of Toronto, unlike the Ontario government which funded Gay Pride Activities by $100,000 in June 2003. Read more about Public Nudity here

Objections anticipated:

But allowing same-sex couples to marry is about equality, isn't it?

No, it is about homosexual activists demanding special rights. If everyone who has a long-term loving relationship should be allowed to be married, then the institution is meaningless. Why not grant marriage to two brothers who live together? No, marriage is created and defined by God, and is not a status symbol to be manipulated for political ends.

What about the "Gay Gene?"

Some secularists have promoted a myth that homosexuality is inherited genetically. However this deception has been thoroughly exposed as ignorant media reporting and bad science. Read more at: http://www.stonewallrevisited.com/issues/gene.html.

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