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Date: SEP-02-03
Posted: SEP-02-03
The Issues Index

Parental Choice for Education

There is increasing dissatisfaction among parents who use the government school system. Concern often revolves around declining academic standards, lack of discipline, escalating violence, drug use, pregnancies, and other moral issues. Read more here.

Education is always taught within a moral framework. In choosing to ignore God as they guide students in understanding the world, the government schools embrace humanism implicitly. The government schools have become a means socialization and indoctrination for secular humanism which is dominating positions of both academic and political influence.

By ending the tax funded government monopoly in education, the Family Coalition Party would promote competion, innovation and excellence in education. Parents should choose the moral values, academic standards, and environment that suits the needs of their children.

Ultimately education should be the responsibility of parents, not the state. However, I support the use of a voucher system as an intermediate measure to facilitate transition to a system respecting full separation of school and state.

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