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Welcome to the Bachelor Cook Book

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The prerequisites for bachelor food are that it be 1) fast 2) easy 3) nutritional 4) tasty. So bachelor cookbooks must be simple and brief.

Table of Contents:
Man on the Run Meal
Tarzan Tuna Salad
Rice a la Everything
Bachelor Hospitality Special
BBQ Any Thing
Turbo Trail Brownies
Appendix 1: How to Avoid Washing Dishes (Ever)
Appendix 2: Bachelor Diet Plan
Appendix 3: Submitting a Recipe.
Appendix 4: Can Women use Bachelor Recipes?

Important: To obtain best results, all recipes should be modified and expanded according to bachelor sense.

Man on the Run Meal (prep time 3 minutes)

Air popped pop-corn drenched with olive oil and salt.

Tarzan Tuna Salad (prep time 4 minutes)

Six cups of cooked brown rice,
Two cans of Campbell's thick mushroom soup,
Two cans of flaked tuna.
Mix 'em all together.

Rice a la Everything (prep time 1-10 minutes)

Long grain brown rice is a bachelor staple. Most recipes assume availability of pre-cooked brown rice. With an automatic rice cooker it comes out perfect every time unattended, and keeps warm for up to 8 hours.

Think of rice as a substitute for bread, potatoes, spaghetti or any other carbs. So you can come up with great meals such as:

  • macaroni (rice) and cheese
  • spaghetti (rice) with meat balls
  • sliced bread (rice) with canned salmon, mayo and tomato
  • sliced bread (rice) with ripe avocado
  • toast (rice) with bacon and eggs
  • toast (rice) with peanut butter and peach jam
  • potatoes (rice) with roast beef and gravy
  • fish and chips (rice)
  • pound cake (rice) with strawberry ice cream
  • toast (rice) with butter (olive oil and salt)

Bachelor Hospitality Special (feeds crowd of 15, prep time 25min)

Eight cups cooked brown rice, 14 hard-boiled eggs, 1kg package frozen chicken nuggets, one bag of pre-washed fresh salad mix with package of baby carrots, two cans of orange juice. Present dishes buffet style with ketchup and salad dressing. Allow guests to create their own combinations.

BBQ Any Thing (prep time 5-20 minutes, depending on rarity desired)

Remove skin. Put fresh meat on preheated BBQ and roast to desired tenderness.

Turbo Trail Brownies (prep time 2 minutes)

Put chocolate chips, chocolate powder, milk powder, ground coconut, and finely crushed bran flakes into a zip-lock plastic bag. Add water and squish to a uniform consistency. Then squeeze brownies into mouth for immediate consumption. Turbo effect guaranteed.

Appendix 1: How to Avoid Washing Dishes (Ever) Prepare and eat your meals in a microwave-safe covered container. Store leftovers in this container in the fridge. When it comes time for the next meal simply nuke it. When you've run out of time for eating, put the container with leftovers in the fridge again.

Appendix 2: Bachelor Diet Plan The secret to a successful diet is simplicity. Simply eat your own cooking exclusively. You'll rapidly decrease food consumption to the minimum necessary for survival.

Appendix 3: Submitting a Recipe. Contribute your unique and practical recipes for the benefit of the international bachelor community.

Appendix 4: Can Women use Bachelor Recipes? Absolutely! One of the most practical ways we can help women is by sharing our liberating recipes and culinary tips.

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