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Freddy fisherman was a typical fisherman. He was bound to catch a big fish. He started out buying all the gear, taking fishing courses, and talking about fishing with all his friends. He went to Canadian tire and picked up a rod, fishing line, hooks, lures, and a fishing hat.

People were saying that the fish aren't biting, but Freddy fisherman was determined to catch a big one. He started out at 5:00 AM the first day and fished for 14 hours. By 7:00 PM when he went home, he had lost some lures on trees, his hat blew off into the lake and sank, and it seemed there was nothing to show for his time. For five days Freddy fisherman was determined to catch a big one, but he was losing hope. After one week he was only fishing 5 hours per day. He lost most of his lures and was using rusty hooks and dead worms. After two weeks without catching any fish, Freddy started taking days off fishing and figured that there wasn't much hope to catch a big one, so he would just dip his line in the lake quickly once per day. After all if the fish aren't biting, there's no point fishing. Freddy gradually lost hope of catching his big one and settled for eating snails

Well, Freddy fisherman is not really a fisherman. Can you guess what he's trying to catch? He's trying to catch a job. From the story of Freddy fisherman we learn basic principles of job search.

You've got to pace yourself, and fish consistently. Don't burn out and quit your fishing.

You've got to keep your bait fresh and shiny. Keep you resumes polished. Dress and groom well. Use excellent phone and personal manners.

You've got to keep on trying in new places. And don't be afraid to learn new methods.

You need to be patient and keep you line in the water, you don't know when a fish is hungry.

You've got to know what kind of fish you're looking for and use the right bait.

You've got to keep your bait moving slowly in front of the fish. You don't know where he is.

You've got to keep your hooks sharp. When you have the fish interested, you have to ensure that you don't let him get away.

So, I urge each of you to learn the lesson of Freddy fisherman and to ensure that your fishing strategy is polished, sharp, and consistently followed.

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