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Comment: As a Bible Study exercise I attempted to outline various books of the Bible.

Romans 1. Grace and peace from Paul, the apostle of the resurrected Lord, to the people of God in Rome. I thank God for your faith, which spread through the world. I pray for you and long to see you so we both may be encouraged in the faith. that the gospel spread among the gentiles.


Hebrews 1. Jesus, the creator, sustainer, prophet, rules eternally over all things, all enemies, all angels. 2. We must urgently cling to the teaching of Jesus confirmed by miracles and the Holy Spirit. All things are under his rule. By his suffering he has rescued, and sanctified believers. 3. Don't reject Jesus who brings communication and peace between God and His people, surpassing Moses. Diligently resist unbelief and rebellion while encouraging and warning others about missing God's grace. 4. Combine the gospel with faith to embrace it. Don't reject God's peace by rebellion and disobedience. God's justice penetrates all truth by his Word, laying bare our thoughts, attitudes, and heart. Hold firmly to Jesus who suffered so He sympathizes with our weakness when we pray. 5. Human priests represent sinners' weakness. The Father appointed Jesus to be submissive and prayerful as a priest, who was glorified in suffering and brings life to all who obey him. You are forgetting the basic truths, but you should be mastering advance truths. 6. Those who reject their relationship with God by Jesus' sacrifice cannot return to repentance. Unfruitful recipients of covenant blessings will be damned. Increase your faithful living with diligence to obtain the promised eternal life. Those who depend on God's firm promise of blessing, may be confident and encouraged. Jesus is our eternal high priest. 7. Surpassing Levitical priests and even Melchizedek, Jesus is the ultimate, exalted, omnipotent, final, sinless, efficacious, eternal, interceding priest of our salvation. 8. Our heavenly mediator enacted a better covenant, on better promises, putting his law on their hearts and minds so gospel blessing will spread everywhere. 9. Old covenant worship and atonement pointed to the perfect heavenly tabernacle and the once-for-all blood sacrifice of the Great High Priest. 10. Animal blood was not effective, but in His body Jesus conquered sin and perfected his people. So we must draw near to God, encourage one another toward love and good deeds, and meet together regularly. If we go on sinning willfully, we become adversaries of Jesus' grace and will face fearful judgment. Maintain the future hope you looked to during trials and suffering for the faith. 11. Faith is trusting what God said, and by it we gain approval and reward. By faith the creation account is believed, Abel's sacrifice was accepted, Enoch bypassed death, Noah escaped the flood, Abraham walked with God. Without receiving the promised blessings, these obeyed looking for a future reward. From Abraham to Moses, the patriarchs trusted the promise of God. By faith Moses embraced suffering with the people of God rather than the sin and ultimate destruction of Egypt. The faithful of old did righteous acts, conquered enemies, faced torture, survived danger, suffered patiently, endured derision, and received miraculous help. We have received the main object of their faithful hope. 12. Looking at the historical examples of faithful living, abandon crippling sin, and do battle for the Lord zealously. Endure God's discipline joyfully, because it is for our good, that we may share His holiness. Be strong, pursue peace with all men, avoid bitterness, don't forfeit blessing for sinful passions, because we've received a firm, unshakable position in the blessed presence of God, who is a consuming fire. 13. Love brethren, feed strangers, help the oppressed, honour marriage, don't love money, trust God, imitate your leaders. Let's bear the reproach of the unchanging Christ, offering not bloody sacrifices, but praise, good deeds, and sharing. Obey and pray for those who care for your souls. May God who by the blood of the eternal covenant raised Jesus, equip you to do His will, equipping you to do what pleases Him. Grace be with you all.

James 1. Trials help sanctification; ask confidently for wisdom. Wealth perishes. Endure trials and be rewarded; sin stems from the heart, and leads to death. All gift are from God; listen much, speak little; in your heart, replace evil with the Word. Act on God's commands, and enjoy blessing. Disorderly, evil speech shows unbelief. Purity from world's evil and charity are the marks of true religion. 2. Love means embracing high and low in the church. One sin leads to death. To receive God's mercy, show mercy. Living faith is obedient to the Lord. 3. Live the fruit of the spirit - kindness and love in speech and life. 4. Fighting over personal pleasures leads to murders; ask God for what you need with right motives; friendship with the world is contrary to loving God. Follow the Lord, shun the Devil. Seek God, He'll find you. Do not speak against another lawlessly. Act humbly in dependence on God. Do good every chance. 5. Rich/corrupt people will not prosper, will be punished. Be patient under oppression; the Lord is coming. Don't complain against each-other.

1Peter 1. Grace and peace from Apostle Peter to those effectually called by the operations of the Father, Spirit and Son. Blessed be God for giving us a living hope and eternal inheritance in Christ's resurrection. So we greatly rejoice, our faith being purified by trials, obtaining the salvation of our souls. The prophets spoke of these things. Prepare your minds for action, be sober in spirit, fix your hope on Jesus. Abandon sinful desires, and be holy like God. Conduct yourself in fear of God during your life for you were saved by the blood of the holy Christ. Since you have purified your souls, love one another from the heart. Our new life is based on the living Word of God which endures forever.


Psalm 17 - Hear my just plea from my integrity. In your lovingkidness save me from my proud, wicked, deadly enemies. Their whole life is material blessing, but I will delight in God.

Psalm 18 - The Lord is my omnipotent protector and saviour. The Lord rewards my obedience to Him. He give me success against my enemies. May God's name be honoured among the nations.

Psalm 19 - The wonders of the universe express the glory of God manifestly to all the world. The laws of the Lord are perfect, wise, right, pure, clean, true, righteous, and valuable. So recipients rejoice and receive warning and reward. Lord, keep me from sin and accept my worship.

Psalm 20 - May the Lord protect and secure you, remembering your offerings. May He fulfill your desire and your plans. We are saved by God, not fleshly strength and weapons.

Psalm 21 -

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