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Creation Evangelism (10 of 10)

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Date: 1986
Source: Video Lecture Series on Creation, Australia, 1980s
Keywords: authority, worldview, liberalism, cannibalism, absolutes
Comment: These notes were taken on a laptop during video lectures. Due to transcription errors and subsequent editing, these notes may not accurately reflect the original lecture content.
Posted: AUG-11-03

Creation Evangelism by Dr. Ken Ham (Lecture 10 of 10)

Ancestor: forefather, parent of many generations past
Abortion: to kill a baby before birth
Absolute: unchanging truth, knowledge
Authoritative: true, something you must obey
Atheist: a person who says God does not exist.
Barbaric: savage, uncivilized
Cannibals: people who kill and eat human beings
Contaminated: dirty, impure
Ethic: system defining right and wrong
Evangelism: teaching people to obey God
Evidence: facts used to reach a conclusion
Evolution: the idea that plants and animals changed from simple to complex life forms
Fact: something you can observe with the senses
Foundation: a strong basis to start building from
Gospel: good news about Jesus saving people from sin
Liberalism: modern thinking which denies the Bibleís authority
Philosophy: a system of ideas to explain human life
Religion: a system of belief held to with firm conviction.
Worldview: a complete system of your basic beliefs and values which guide your life

The book of Genesis is the foundation for understanding all of life. For example Jesus explains the meaning of marriage in Matthew 19:4-6732. In Malachi 2:15713 the purpose of Marriage is connected back to Genesis. Genesis 1:281 Marriage was designed to produced godly children who grow up to change the world to obey Jesus Christ.

Australian Aborigines and American Indians have both forgotten the knowledge of God. But their ancestor Noah knew God. How long does it take for people to forget God and to become primitive? It takes only one generation of children who were not trained to fear and obey God. We call cannibals barbaric because they cut up living humans and eat them. But North Americans are more barbaric because we cut up thousands of living babies every year and call it abortion.

Fathers are responsible before God to train up the next generation of Children for the gospel. Proverbs 22:6489; Ephesians 6:4872; We are to be the salt of the earth, affecting the nations of the world with the truth of the gospel. Matthew 5:13719.

We should be dishing up the salt of Godís truth which affects all of society. Christians are being choked because the liberal church is dishing out contaminated salt.

To train children means to forcefully impart truth and wisdom to them. Children have flexible minds which must be filled with pure salt (truth); Quote: The bad influences the good more than the good influences the bad. Once good salt is contaminated, it is very difficult to make it pure again. The next generation of children need to be isolated from government schools where the true salt is corrupted by teachers who deny God, worship themselves, follow pleasure, pursue money, and base all this on their faith in evolution.

Christianity is about truth and absolutes: knowing what we believe and why we believe it is the foundation for living our lives. Genesis is essential for the proper examination of all other subjects. The very foundation of the gospel message is in Genesis: the fact that man rebelled, and that Jesus Christ would come to restore man to fellowship with God. Sin entered the world and death resulted. The rest of the Bible is Godís solution for the problem of human rebellion against God.

We need to understand how people think before we try to convince them of the Bibleís truth. Each culture holds a different philosophy of life, so we must communicate in a way that connects with peopleís basic ideas and desires.

In Acts 17:24-31826 Paul explains how the truth of the Bible is connected to the philosophers in Athens. The Greeks believed in a form of evolution. For Greeks the resurrection of the dead was foolishness. Similarly today, we have whole generations growing up who donít know the foundation of Genesis: the holiness of God, the sinfulness of man, the punishment of sin, and divine salvation from sin.

Creation science can quickly tear down the scientific mask evolutionists hide behind. Then it is time to challenge the faith and beliefs which motivate evolutionists. This is when to share the truth about the future judgment and forgiveness sin.

The ministry of defending the scientific validity and authority of Genesis should belong to the church. But many churches have abandoned the authority of the Bible on creation.

It is essential to understand the connection between Genesis and the rest of the Bibleís teaching. To hold a Christian ethic, it is necessary to have a common foundation of origin and purpose: the truth of Genesis. People want absolutes to build their lives upon. Unbelievers respond positively to the gospel when the absolute truth of Scripture is confirmed by true science.

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