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From Evolution to Creation (9 of 10)

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Date: 1986
Source: Video Lecture Series on Creation, Australia, 1980s
Keywords: evolutionary faith, big-bang, sedimentation, carbon dating, fossilization
Comment: These notes were taken on a laptop during video lectures. Due to transcription errors and subsequent editing, these notes may not accurately reflect the original lecture content.
Posted: AUG-11-01

by Dr. Gary Parker (Lecture 9 of 10)

Evolutionist’s Story: In the Beginning was Hydrogen. It was compressed in a ball of matter. Then it exploded. Molecules washed about the earth. 600 million years ago simple micro organisms began. 400 million years ago we have plant life. About 3 million years ago we got apes and men.

One evolutionist said: Some people quote in the beginning God, but I say in the beginning Hydrogen. Many evolutionists understand the foundational struggle which is represented by the debate over evolution vs. Creation. Evolution is an alternate religion. Evolutionists make statements about God, sin and salvation. Realizing the problem of where did matter come from, some evolutionists allow for a deistic God - a God who is no longer directly involved with the universe. What about sin? Evolutionists have a notion about sin. They blame evil actions on animal instincts. We have come to be here only through the death of maladapted organisms, mutations, and accidental changes. How can we be saved from destruction mutations in the future? The answer is to pay taxes and support scientists who are discovering the way to overcome the problems of disease, mutations and death. Evolution has a lot to offer. It has a strong religious appeal to its adherents.

Dr. Parker was an evolutionist. He got a job teaching biology at a Christian university. Dr. Parker attended a Bible study where he learned that some of his objections to the Bible weren’t valid. He also came to understand that books and scientists aren’t always right. Dr. Parker then realized he has to make a choice: Either he could have faith in the “expert” scientists who didn’t see the beginning of the world, or he could put faith in the Word of God who knows everything and who was there. First he tried to reconcile evolution with creation by saying God used evolution to create the world. But logically time and chance (evolution) are the opposite of plan and purpose (creation).

After reading Dr. Morris’s book, Dr. Parker began to understand the way biological evidence points to creation. He later debated the Bible department of his liberal Christian college because they didn’t want him promoting the truth of God’s Word in the Old Testament in the classroom.

Paleobotany – study of plant fossils. Darwin said, “the origin of flowering plants is an abominable mystery.” Nothing has happened in the last 120 years to change that. First Dr. Parker discovered that the names used in geology (study of fossil plants and animals) were the same as those used by biology (study of living plants). When you search back through the fossil record you discover that the same clams are found right down to the deepest layers.

Gradual processes of erosion and sedimentation do not produce fossils. You need catastrophic flood-like conditions to make fossils. Rapid burial is necessary for fossilization.

Geophysics studies the age of rocks. But radiometric dating is not reliable. For example, 3000 year old date may be obtained from volcanic rocks observed in recent history. In another example scientists had trouble dating the fossil “ape-man” Lucy. Potassium argon dating yielded 2.9 million years. Anther method yielded older and another more recent dates.

Radio-metric techniques are not the absolute science they claim to be. They are OFTEN off by millions of years. There is no absolute long-term radiologic clock. Creationists submit strong evidence for a young earth. The amount of oil remaining under high pressure under the earth’s crust points to a young earth. It should have leaked out millions of years ago. The carbon-14 balance point is another evidence to consider. It would take only 30,000 years to reach the balance point, but carbon-14 is still not in balance.

One evolutionist scientist who noted all these problems with evolution told his students: “keep the faith.” He wanted to believe in evolution against the facts. But why not put your faith in God who knows everything and who can explain the origin, the meaning and the purpose of the universe.

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