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Ape-Men: Fact or Fiction (8 of 10)

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Date: 1986
Source: Video Lecture Series on Creation, Australia, 1980s
Keywords: ape-man, Peking man, Lucy, hoaxes, junk-science
Comment: These notes were taken on a laptop during video lectures. Due to transcription errors and subsequent editing, these notes may not accurately reflect the original lecture content.
Posted: AUG-11-01

by Dr. Gary Parker (Lecture 8 of 10)

If you believe a frog turned into a prince that’s a fairy tale, but if you believe it took 300 thousand years, that’s evolution. Evolution is an interesting story, but if you want to believe it as science you must be able to show a series of fossils which demonstrate gradual change. Evolutionists have been searching for evidence of a link between man (homo-sapiens) and apes for over 100 years.

Neanderthals were supposed to be ape-men. Their bodies were stooped over because they had a bone disease, and there was a lack of vitamin D and iodine. Their art, belief in the afterlife, and brain volume, all point to the conclusion that Neanderthals were advanced homo-sapiens, not ape-men. Evolutionary belief that humans who look different are “sub-human” leads to racism and genocide.

Piltdown man was a deliberate hoax. It was used for over 40 years to convince school children that evolution was scientific fact. But the filed teeth and 50 year old ape jaw bone proved it to be a fabrication. How could so many scientists be fooled by it? People believe what they want to believe, without being critical of the “facts.”

Java man was discovered by a scientist who went looking for the missing link. He found a skull cap and a leg bone 50 feet apart in a gravel deposit. Bones in a gravel deposit could have been washed in from anywhere, and the presence of human bones in the same gravel deposit prove that “Java man” was not an ancestor of humans.

Peking man is based on some ape skulls that were found outside caves in China prior to World War II. The skulls were all bashed in from the rear, and some tools were found near by. Contrary to evolutionists, the most obvious conclusion is that some humans had boiled and eaten the monkey brains.

Nebraska man was based entirely upon a single tooth. The rest of the man was completely imagination. Later it was discovered that the tooth was from a species of extinct pig.

Ramapithecus - this was considered to be the first upright walking ape. It was reconstructed as a walking ape based merely on a jaw and teeth. More recent related evidence has shown that this is an ordinary ape.

A unique creature named Zinjanthropus was discovered by Dr. Louis Leakey. Again these ape bones were assumed to be ape-men because tools were found near by. But after this discovery, regular human bones were found in earth layers below the ape bones. Scientists now agree that these bones could not represent human ancestors. See

Lucy - these bones were promoted as a pre-human ancestor. But the evidence shows that Lucy is just species of chimpanzee. See

Richard Leakey has completed extensive research to prove that distinct human and ape skeletons can be discovered as far back in the fossil record as is known. He is convinced that evolution is true, but he is honest enough to admit that we do not yet have evidence to show a link between humans and apes.

The fossil evidence continues to contradict the theory of evolution. But it confirms what God says about creation in the Bible. God made man, apes, and all other mammals in specific, specialized kinds

For a more recent article on ape-man finds see Not another (yawn) ‘ape-man’ by Carl Wieland, 26 March, 2001

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