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The True History of the World Part 2 (7 of 10)

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Date: 1986
Source: Video Lecture Series on Creation, Australia, 1980s
Keywords: fossils, Mt. St. Helens, Grand Canyon, prawn, coal, catastrophe
Comment: These notes were taken on a laptop during video lectures. Due to transcription errors and subsequent editing, these notes may not accurately reflect the original lecture content.
Posted: JUN-28-01

by Dr. Ken Ham (Lecture 7 of 10)

According to Genesis, God created land animals first, then fish and birds. This is the opposite to the order suggested by evolution. The order of creation in Genesis cannot be reconciled with evolutionary order.

Based on the known speed of light some scientists have thought that the light from distant stars must have begun traveling to earth millions of years ago. But we know that the speed of light has been decreasing over the years. According to one researchers graph the speed of light would have been infinite approximately 6000 years ago. Another possible explanation is that God created the universe mature, so light was already in motion. Often when we think something contradicts the Bible there is an explanation for it which we never thought of.

  • Day 5 - God created the sea creatures and the birds. The wonderful beauty still displayed in sea creatures may be because they are protected by water from harsh radiation from the sun.
  • God created dinosaurs and man at the same time, on day 6. Many dragon stories of tradition describe animals which are very much like dinosaurs. There is a great deal of evidence that dinosaurs may exist right up to the present.
  • In 1980 when Mt. St. Helens erupted a canyon, like the Grand Canyon with a stream at the bottom, was formed in a matter of days. Millions of years of slow erosion is not the only explanation.
  • There are many limestone caves where the stalactites grow in a matter of years. It doesn’t take millions of years.
  • One pecies of prawn called “Blind Cave Tetra” loses its eyes as an adult. Does this show evolutionary advancement, or just the fact that mutant fish survive best in a dark environment?

Some have objected to Noah’s flood because they thought all the animals couldn’t fit in the ark. But this objection is based on ignorance of the number of animals and the size of the ark. The ark was 450’ long, 75’ wide and 45’ high. A young breeding pair of each species could fit within the ark.

The Bible says lots of water broke through the earth’s crust which explains the rapid burial of millions of plants and animals all over the world. Anyone who has seen the effects of flooding understands the powerful force of large quantities water. The water of the flood thoroughly destroyed and buried living creature living on the face of the earth.

To form a fossil you must cover the dead animal quickly. Otherwise they’ll rot. These facts are contradicted by the evolutionary belief that fossils formed slowly in gradual layers over millions of years. Only rapid burial by flooding or seismic or volcanic activity can explain the facts of the fossil record.

Most fossils were formed during the flood but fossils are still formed today by local disasters (e.g., volcanic erruptions). Kangaroo fossils are mainly found in Australia as a result of local post-flood disasters. When you take the Bible as your basis and go to look for logical explanations of the evidence, it does make sense.

Evolutionists belief in a uniform past doesn’t explain the diversity and chronology we see in the fossil record. Creationists can explain the many exceptions is the fossil record and the order of the fossils. We expect variations in the layers of rock due to Noah’s flood and later localized disasters.

Coal deposits are the result of plant matter being buried under great pressure by the flood. Evolutionists say coal formed as a result of millions of years of gradual swamp deposits. But pine trees which do not like swamps, are regularly discovered in coal deposits. Like many other cases, the story we are told by evolutionists don’t fit the evidence we see in the world.

All over the world we see evidence of catastrophic judgment; God killed all plants and animals on the earth. The fossil evidence points to a Creator-God who will come again at the end of the world finally to punish those who do not obey him. People want to believe evolution because they don’t want to obey the laws of the God who made them.

The tower of Babel is the source of all the nations which spread over the earth. Each language group took a portion of the gene pool which explains the distinctive ethnic groups around the world. So all cultures can be traced back to Noah, and ultimately back to Adam.

The story of evolution is invented by men who weren’t there in the past. It is a myth and a religion to help people run from God. The Bible on the other hand is the story about the world from God who was there.

Christianity is the basis of rebuilding the world according to the pattern from God in the Bible. We know the basis for our morals and our ethics. We have a purpose and a destination. Christians have the answers to the complex questions of modern man, because we have the correct story from God about man and the world.

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