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Fossils: What Do They Mean? (5 of 10)

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Date: 1986
Source: Video Lecture Series on Creation, Australia, 1980s
Keywords: fossils, geology, transition forms, missing links
Comment: These notes were taken on a laptop during video lectures. Due to transcription errors and subsequent editing, these notes may not accurately reflect the original lecture content.
Posted: JUN-23-01

by Dr. Gary Parker (Lecture 5 of 10)

Fossils exist only in the present. Fossils are as close as we come to historical evidence for the origin and history of life on earth: dead things laid down by water, found rocks over the earth.

In the time of Darwin, scientists didn’t know much about the fossil record. If the biblical Creation account is true we would expect to find complex life forms, maintained according to their kinds. If evolution were true, we would expect to changing life forms, and a progression from simple to complex life forms. We would expect to find complex life-forms only in the top layers of the rock. But in fact we find complex life forms in the same deep layers of rock as the trilobites. And we don’t find evidence of changing life forms.

The fossil record of sea creatures without backbones, shows that many species have died out. There is no graduated chain of links between simple and complex life forms in the fossil record. Darwin knew the fossils didn’t support evolution, so he chose to hold the theory in spite of the few fossil facts available at that time. With more complete modern collections of fossils, we know that the fossil record shows no progression of life forms from simple to complex.

The fossil record of plants also supports special creation. Complex flowering plants and trees occur early in the fossil record in the same kinds known today.

Archaeopteryx is proposed by evolutionists as a link between reptiles and birds. It is a fossil bird without a keel; but it had fully developed wish-bone. It has the characteristics of a strong flyer. The claws on the wings are a distinctive of certain types of birds, e.g. Ostrich. Furthermore, modern birds species have been found deeper in the rock layers than Archaeopteryx.

Pro Avis with frayed scales on its arms, is theorized to be a link between little dinosaurs and birds. But it is mechanically a disaster, and there is no evidence in the fossil record for it. This is a faith theory, not a scientific one.

The theory of evolution has always been “good,” but the problem is finding evidence to support it. Scientists often ignore the facts. Only the pattern of Special Creation accounts for the homology and the complex design of the creation.

Missing links are not the exception, but the rule. They have not been found. Evidence we have now is admitted by modern evolutionists to point away from the theory of evolution. The predictions of creationists about the expected evidence in the fossils has proven to be correct. This is the true test of science.

Scientists are now supposing that evolution happened rapidly. Dinosaur eggs hatched into a bird. They say the fact there is no evidence of transition life forms, supports rapid evolution.

Emergence of first land animals theory: fish were cast up on the land after a global disaster. Some mothers survived and produced young with chromosomal abnormalities. Some eventually became able to live and reproduce on land. This is a very fantastic theory which doesn’t have supporting evidence. This theory shows that evolutionists believe in miracles, but they have trouble believing in the Miracle Worker (God).

The fossil evidence tells us about creation in its complexity and specific kinds, but it also tells us about the corruption and death which are now part of the creation after sin. Romans 8:20-22

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