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Why Does Genesis Matter? (2 of 10)

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Date: 1986
Source: Video Lecture Series on Creation, Australia, 1980s
Keywords: creation, sin, absolutes, redemption, morality, abortion, feminism
Comment: These notes were taken on a laptop during video lectures. Due to transcription errors and subsequent editing, these notes may not accurately reflect the original lecture content.
Posted: JUN-23-01

by Dr. Ken Ham (Lecture 2 of 10)

Creation vs. Evolution is essential to determining morality and combating the evils of society.

Six day creation in the Bible refers to six ordinary 24-hour days. God says in Exodus 20:11 that God created in six days and rested one day, so that we should also work six days and rest for one day (24 hours). Furthermore, Adam was made on day six and he died at 930 years. Day seven couldn’t have been millions of years.

All animals were created to be vegetarian. The Bible teaches that animals and man were created on Day 6. Why didn’t the dinosaurs kill and eat Adam? Genesis 1 says God made plants for food. In the beginning animals ate plants only. So there was no death until the fall, when Adam and Eve sinned. (Man was also created vegetarian. After the Flood man was allowed to eat meat. Genesis 9:3)

Physical death came into the world because of Adam’s sin (Romans 5:12; 1 Corinthians 15:22; Genesis 2:17). The curse for sin leads to physical death: “for dust we are and to dust we will return.” Genesis 3:19

How would God remove the curse of death? Everything was created good. The only way to define good is on the basis of the One who is good (i.e., God: goodness is one of the attributes of God). Adam and Eve had a free choice. But they rebelled against God and were thus cut off from God. Adam and Eve died spiritually. The only way they could avoid the punishment of death is by the death of an innocent life. “Without the Shedding of Blood there can be no remission of sin.” Hebrews 9:22 God sent the pure, sinless Son of God to shed his Blood to save mankind from the sin condition inherited from Adam.

Evolutionary philosophy is offers no future hope. Therefore, it is opposed to Christianity. Christianity offers hope for the renewal of the earth by the power of Jesus Christ’s victory over death. Evolutionary thinking says there is nothing wrong with the world. Death and struggle are a normal part of the evolutionary process. Evolutionists don’t have hope in the new heaven and new earth (2 Peter 3:13). They believe our world full of evil and suffering will be here for millions of years more.

If there was death and bloodshed before the fall, the message of redemption in the cross of Jesus is undermined. The scientific implications: death must have happened only after the fall of man, therefore dinosaurs must have existed with man for us to see them in the fossil record.

Death is the curse, but it is also the cure. We should praise God for death, because we can be redeemed by the death of his Son. Death is a judgment for sin, but for the Christian it is the transition to heaven.

Genesis is the most quoted from in rest of the Bible. Yet it is widely mocked, ridiculed, torn-apart, and allegorized. When you destroy the foundation the structure falls. The collapse of society is inevitable when we abandon the basic beliefs about what is wrong with man, patterns for human relationships, and how man can be restored in relationship with God (salvation).

If God is the Creator, he sets the rules for living regardless of your opinion. When there is no lawgiver, people do what is right in our own eyes. Moral norms for living are meaningless without a foundation of beliefs about man and God. In our generation the moral structure is collapsing. There is no such thing as sin or wrong actions. People increasingly reject Christian absolutes because they don’t know who they are and who made them.

There are lots of opinions about moral issues like abortion. Isn’t abortion okay in the case of rape? What about fetal deformity or disease? What about poverty?

The Bible is the Word of God the creator who knows everything and who was there in the beginning. If an idea contradicts the Bible, it is simply wrong. Ultimately opinions of men don’t matter. What matters is what God says about abortion, homosexuality, government, marriage, children, etc…

Evolution has contributed to abortion. The theory that the human embryo develops into a fish stage, then finally becomes human, justifies killing the pre-born baby which, according to the evolutionist, is really just a “fish”.

Nazism is a result of evolutionary thinking. That is how they supported racism, killing the weak, killing Jews, and a terrible war to gain world power. Evolutionists have thought, people who are less advanced are a threat to humanity and should be exterminated. The Mongoloid was thought to be mentally defective, because of their less advanced race. Many people would treat Negroes as sub-human because they were less evolved.

Racism and evolution go hand in hand. The Bible teaches that there is really only one race. We all have the same ancestor Adam. People in society have developed since Babel, and some have degenerated to their sate as a result of rejecting God and his Law.

Even business methods and evolution are connected. Survival of the fittest means oppressive business practices are necessary. What you believe about where you came from does affect your entire life.

Sin in the human heart and the rejection of God as creator are the root of the immorality in society.

As Christians we believe what we do because God is the Creator and He sets all the rules. In Matthew 19, Jesus was asked about divorce. He quotes from Genesis to establish the pattern of marriage. The origin of marriage determines the rules that govern it. Homosexuality is ruled out because God made man and woman. He did not make two men.

Feminism is futile because God says in Genesis 3 that men will rule over their wives. Ephesians chapters 5 and 6 establish that Fathers have authority over their wives and children. Sons and daughters are to disciplined to know and obey God under the authority of parents.

Clothing is the result of a moral reason established by God. In Genesis 3 we see that sin distorts nakedness, adding shame. Men especially are made to respond sexually to a woman’s body, therefore God requires clothing to cover nakedness.

Why not do immoral things if God is not creator? Evolutionists have no good answer. The more people believe evolution, the more evil we see in society.

The theory of evolution influenced the human race long before Darwin, and even before the it appeared in Greek culture. It was actually first taught in the garden of Eden when the serpent said to Eve, “you can become like God.” Satan lie was, and still is, that man can evolve to become like God.

Evolutionists are trying to destroy the foundations which God established in Genesis. Christians need to respond by exposing the foundations of evolutionary thought. Christians must combat the underlying philosophy, not merely the issues (e.g., abortion, marriage and crime). Many Christians are abandoning Genesis and accepting the foundation of evolution. Mixing Christian belief with evolution seriously undermines Christianity.

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